We dug through our recording archives and found these lost tapes of early Tin Pan Handlers practice sessions (that took place a couple of weeks ago).

Avalon - Tin Pan Handlers
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AVALON. Jolson-DeSylva-Rose, 1920.

Here’s a clip from a recent rehearsal. Sadly for us East Coasters, the song refers to Avalon, CA, and not Avalon, NJ. (Tech note: We’re working to get the live recording mix right, and we’ll keep on working to get it right until the end of time.)

Eagle Ridin' Papa - Tin Pan Handlers
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EAGLE RIDIN’ PAPA. Thomas A. Dorsey, c.1928.

We have some fun with this hokum number by “Georgia” Thomas Dorsey (not the same person as big band leader, Tommy Dorsey). I stumble over the lyrics, but it wouldn’t be jass otherwise.

My Name Is Morgan - Tin Pan Handlers
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MY NAME IS MORGAN (BUT IT AIN’T J.P.). H.K. Mohr-W.A. Mahoney, 1906

Paul takes over with this tune that he learnt from Blake Alphonso Higgs (Bahamas “Blind” Blake who played in a calypso style, not the same person as southern bluesman, Arthur “Blind” Blake). Paul’s vocal presence is low in the mix—my fault entirely—but skilfully does Mr. P remember most of the wordy lyrics.

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