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We dug through our recording archives and found these lost tapes of early Tin Pan Handlers practice sessions (that took place a couple of weeks ago).

I'm Just a Lucky So-and-SoTin Pan Handlers
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IÚ’M JUST A LUCKY SO-AND-SO. E.K. Ellington–M. David, 1945.

The Zoom recorder was set off to the side on this one, hence the muffled mix. (Sometimes we’re lucky sos-and-so, and sometimes we ain’t.) It’s a good bluesy number and we enjoy playing it.

Eagle Ridin' PapaTin Pan Handlers
00:00 / 01:59

EAGLE RIDIN’ PAPA. Thomas A. Dorsey, c.1928.

We have some fun with this hokum number by “Georgia” Thomas Dorsey (not the same person as big-band leader, Tommy Dorsey). Pat stumbles over the lyrics, but it wouldn’t be jass otherwise.

Blues My Naught Sweetie Gives to MeTin Pan Handlers
00:00 / 01:47

BLUES MY NAUGHTY SWEETIE GIVES TO ME. N. Swanstone, C.R. McCarron, C. Morgan, 1919.

Here’s an early practice recording. Henry rides this raucatious tune after Paul and Pat noodle on mando and uke.

My Name is Morgan (But it Ain't J.P.).mpTin Pan Handlers
00:00 / 02:33

MY NAME IS MORGAN (BUT IT AIN’T J.P.). H.K. Mohr–W.A. Mahoney, 1906.

Paul takes over with this song that he learnt from Blake Alphonso Higgs (Bahamas “Blind” Blake who played in a calypso style, not the same person as southern bluesman, Arthur “Blind” Blake). Paul’s vocal presence is low in the mix—Pat’s fault entirely—but skilfully does Mr. P remember most of the wordy lyrics.

AvalonTin Pan Handlers
00:00 / 01:53

AVALON. Jolson-DeSylva-Rose, 1920.

Here’s a clip from an early rehearsal. Sadly for us East Coasters, the song refers to Avalon, CA, and not Avalon, NJ. (Tech note: We’re working to get the live recording mix right, and we’ll keep on working to get it right until the end of time.)